Monday, January 17, 2011

How He Got Enlightened

The Enchantin Mesmerisin Tale of a (Doggie) Fearin Chap

“ Bhow Bhow” said one.

“Bhow Bhow Bhow” confirmed another.

The next moment everyone was runnin- A motley gang of roadside doggies and He.
He had always faced this handicap of bein unable to intercept Doggie Lang.

Hands down Every Single Time he would handle all potential(or Real) doggie interactions by Primitive-Adrenaline Rush-Response of Runnin Head-Over-Heels.
Invariably he felt he is involved in some chase sequence of a Hindi movie( Apparently He had never seen an English or Timbaktu or Jhumri talaiya moovyy)……..Where he escaped everytime pantin but otherwise unscathed.
The practice made him sure that one day he would beat up Usain Bolt….. One Day.

But Today(A figure of speech…not necessarily Today Morn!) ….The Doggie Gang was larger,fiercier,more worked up than usual……..(Probably Exasperated by Him Swingin his Menacin Tongue everytime he got better than them). But Today they had decided(Apparently) to nail him Kandipa(Tamil for Surely) .

They Ran , He Ran….
He Ran,They followed

Same Again….
But today it seemed to him it was his final instalment of bein Chased….. Cuz He felt  Tired, Fatigued…unable to keep up his menacing pace…..(By nature, We wonder what happened)
He ran for his Life….Freedom…Rights….Love….Balls….Blah Blah…for few more Meeeetres.(ignore any snide remarks).

Finally he gave up…couldn’t run more.
He was gonna nailed up today!
( He was gonna nailed up today !!!He was gonna nailed up today!!!!! Na nanana Na Na….Yipppies!!!!)

He felt extreme fear and Helplessness.

In a matter of few secs(no pun intended) they closed up on him.
Seein him Half Standin they “bhowed” some. Some More then.

NO Response.

Because He had Finally Entered the state of Full Acceptance of Pressent.
He accepted that since it looked he couldn’t do anything(Probably)……. He won’t do anything . And  Let Everythin and Anythin happen to him. Suddenly a flash of light (No,Not Alien Laser Beam kiddo) hit him….And he got [Ah, no prizes for guessin (right)]......  Enlightened.
 The gang left him there standin in Zilch….How could they harm Him who had no fear of bein harmed?!?

Now He finally understood The Doggie Lang and Probably of all Livin Sentient Beings—Peace.
What everyone has Always wanted is....... Just Peace. Amen!


Anonymous said...

completely new view of luking towards enlightnment.........
hehe hehe he

Anonymous said...

Great work bhai.we are all dogs . Even after enlightenment we will devour al pussies.he he he

rudraksh avasthi

Anonymous said...

Its kinda tickling ....lolz.. Pinsuk

Anonymous said...

Bravo!!! I couldnt resist laughing for continuous 10 gave me tear in my eyes and pain in my stomach.
You are superb dude.i really liked you.i wish i could have met you. We could have been best pals. One day definitly you will be standing at par with jim and adam.keep publishing daily.:-):).best of luck for your carrier.


Anonymous said...

Hi sweetheart . This is forwarded me the link of your are literally awesome dear.we are fan of yours and regular readers of your blogs.please from the next time try to include more of love and little bit of sex it kinda triggers us.and try to publish your blog daily. Please dont make us wait too long for your publishing.

Nikhil said...

Thhanq Anonymous, Kim, Sakura, Tyson,Rudraksh, Pinsuk.......for lafin at the jokes n takin the trouble of writin back..... If u like it keep forwardin the link....Keep the Fire Burnin...

Anonymous said...

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