Wednesday, December 22, 2010

God Qualities

God Qualities



Monday, December 20, 2010

It’s Not About The Bike

Not About The Bike

For the record, this is an autobiographical book of a chap known as ‘Lance Armstrong’. Now I guess many of you must be aware who this dude is but those who don’t have any Idea who he is… lemme give u a brief…… This guy is 6 times winner of Tour de France, a bicycle championship ( in France , of course) where for a week competitors have to paddle thru whole of France(well Almost) in a week!!!Whew! It is considered one of the toughest Athletic events in all of world overall. Well that’s it I am not gonna tell you more…. For further info u can always crawl on Wikipedia!!

Why on earth am I blabbering about this guy??? Someone has to be numero uno champion of any event on earth , then why blabber about this one??? No I don’t fancy him…I am super straight guy Cuz he won the championship 6 times after Battling thru Cancer of his Balls(Testicles) where he had chance of surviving 1% only …..N true story follows after that…. His system had been completely poisoned by 4 months of cancer chemo….. Add on that financial troubles and rest of the world believing he won’t be able to bike again given he was hardly able to walk some distance without panting.

Initially he also believed those who didn’t believe but then he started believing Himself backed by his Love Lady and a Pack of Great Friends And The All Lovin Mom.

Now I am not gonna lecture about All Pervadin Nature of Human Nature, never say never, You can win….blah blah blah….cuz it’s so evident n u can always find this kinda literature easily.

This book is a typical bollywood flick….. .masala, action, emotions, love, disappointment… n most importantly Happy Endin Plus some Catchy One Liners , free use of Expletives(Honesty matters!!).

Savor these:

There were lots of ups and downs, good results and bad results, but this time I didn’t let the lows get to me.

Refuse to complain.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I caN’t Wait for Success…… I am Goin Ahead WithOut it ;-)


I Love Breathing ….. My Lungs balloonin n Deballonin everytime perfectly.
I Love Makin Faces. 
I love Fresh Mornin Air…When I am Sleepin most of the time
I Love Wakin Up in the Mornin …and Sleepin Again
I Love Wakin Up till Mornin.
I Love College… Comin Back from it.
I Love Wakin Up Early Sometimes And Promisin To Wake Up Early Everyday.
I Love Sometimes Keepin the Promise And Promisin Again.
I Love But Never Givin Up Whatsoever.
I Love My Heart Pumpin And Thumpin in Rhythm.
I Love My Heart Pumpin N Thumpin More at The Sight Of Her.
I Love Recievin Calls N SMSs.
I Love Callin N Message Forwardin.
I Love Recievin Your Call Back.
I Love Watchin Movies With Friends… Movies Good,Bad,Worse,Worst or “Aag
I Love Pokin Friends.
I Love Bloggin.
I love Stealin Glances on Attractive Faces of Galz.
I Love Smiles.
I Love Readin…. Almost Anythin.
I Love Writin.
I Love Writin Last Words Of Exam.
I Love Puttin Last Dot on Exam Paper.
I Love Beautiful Galz N Intelligent Galz.
I Love Soft Breeze Rumblin My Hairs.
I love Greek in Medicine. I Love Almost Getting Extinct Lingo.
I Love beard Growin on my Face.
I Love Mr. Beans Series.
I Love Drizzle Tryin To Wet Me.
I love Tuckin Away In My Blanket.
I Love Bein Free.
I Love Fun.
I Love Life.