Saturday, November 27, 2010

WHYYYYYYY so Cerious???

As they say “Today is the first day of rest of your lives”. True…. Except for those Who are gonna die today


Have you ever seen an Oscar nominated film?? I saw Hurt Locker

Or ever read a Booker prize winning novel?? Yeah read this one…  Inheritance of Loss

Or which newspaper is considered intellectual-er?? Ans. The Hindu

Well all the items in these categories are DAB BOOOOORING!!!! You may know if were daring enough to go through them or May be you will know if get you inspired to go through these attacks on your happy self after reading this.

Taare Zameen Pe was good,no doudt and ran at Oscars. While 3 Idiots, equally good but far more entertainin cuz it’s humorous, was not even heard of in any SERIOUS award functions. Both raised the same issues albeit in different ways with different characters and different story lines.
Or Why Jim Carey isn’t nominated for Oscars while his films also carry strong messages in a light hearted way?? Dun tell his films aren’t good enuf or his actin.

More than once I have been tricked by these awards to watch a particular movie(i.e. Hurt locker) or read a book(The Inheritance of Loss) and found myself with throbbin headache at the end(i.e. if I manage to reach that stage).

What keeps comedies going are mass audience acceptance and commercial success that follows. And nowadays Docs also prescribe mass doses of comedies to augment healing process and in general. While interestingly enough award winning blah-blahs find themselves in mass audience after being awarded and as a side effect leave innocent souls like me fumbling over soundness of my intelligence over even trying to tackle them.

I have learned to see award winning “items” with double suspicion and in general keep away from them at a reasonably safe distance. As for Award givers and Award winning blah-blahs I think both r seriously…….CERIOUS

Monday, November 22, 2010


OF POOR JOKES (PJs as they are lovingly called)

There are seasons of different kinds of SMSs and a few days back a fultoo season of PJs got over. Of course I am also a culprit in spreadin and dissemination of these sometimes-hair-pluckingly-annoying jokes.
A day I transmitted a dangerous PJ from my device to other’s cells. And I got a reaction from one of my friends…….. She said   -  Nice PJ………..i.e. Nice Poor Joke!! Wow!!
From when poor jokes started becoming nice????


I got a new bug. For a few days I have been itching myself on starting my  own blog........MY OWN BLOG...... i.e. till I could keep procrastinating satisfying this itch. I should say I have caught a writing bug and ideally I would have liked to write a book first but this doesn’t help since I haven’t got any tangible story which can rake in publishers,readers,moolah  et al.
The problem with Novels/books is that they tell a single story in many pages which require either
  1. Discriminate use of brain cells i.e. shit load of imagination.
  1. A lot of screwing up in life called Experiences of life(As they say “All art is Autobiographical”)

And what about everyday stories, escapes, moments, jokes which come suddenly ………
Those which are not part of any plan or plot…… they just come and get over as soon as they came……. We realize we got through our days with them and very soon they get faded in our memories.
What about sudden thoughts….. Weird ones… insane sometimes…. About normal things or normal news…… some never thought before insights…… which amazes and tickles the gray matter on alternative way of thinking.
What happens to small stories from everyday?
Everyone has got some and for most people…many.
These get itched in memory as Black and White Moments from old days.
How about screwing up rationale thinking????? What say????
Then Let’s get onJ