Friday, August 30, 2013

 A short scary story (not For Weak-hearted)

It was a scary night. And not a short one.

Gods of Fury had been Raining down pilfering and pillaging heavily all night since clock stuck 9’o clock. 

And there was no respite, in addition to the fact that thunders, as they were, had always send chills down her spine. Not a good time to be alone in hostel room on a deserted floor. She was scheduled for departure the next day. Bad luck, she thought, Or may be Gods were really angry on her. One can’t know. All she wanted now was to tuck into warmth of someone’s strong arms and feel safe to sleep.  But that was not to be. At least, not that night.

As she lay there scared, wondering ways to lull herself to sleep, small creatures of devil’s own making were having a busy night. Something about rains activates those love chemicals in all creatures, and esp. Insects and frogs. Everything- Crickets, mosquitoes, arachnids, hoppers, frogs and what- not out there go on wild spree mating. Sleaze fest had descended down the insect world. And insect progeny were being produced by truck load.
 (Although some unspecified no. of Randomized controlled trials have shown statistically significant relation between rains and similar behavioral alteration in homo sapiens too. Right girls?) 

These small devils needed food and warmth to survive the night and live another day to fulfil the obligation of being born, that is, to eat, pray and mate some more. Soon many started taking wings in search of their haven this night. Their innate senses had always guided them quite correctly to cracks in human establishments and to safety.

Thus, they headed to the room. And to her. As she lay there scared, her room was being infiltrated by armies of bugs. And they were Noisy, very Noisy. Some would bite and draw blood if they could. Others would bite just for the fun of it, or may be becoz it was in their savage nature, or may be becoz human flesh is tasty to them.

  All of them would itch if they crawl on her soft and moist skin. She tried to avoid the thought what chemicals, excreta, blood, etc. They or their corpse would release if some of them were killed while itching her skin Or what reactions, rashes, damage these chemicals would cause to her. It was a scary proposition. She had to do something about these devils Or she might wake up uglier the next morning than she already was. 

She couldn’t bear the thought. Somewhere she had to limit her ugliness and do what she could about it.  

She ran to fill up the cracks in room and close the windows. Thus she had somehow managed to plug the infiltration by bug army. She may be relieved a little but still she was inside that room locked in with those devils. Her heat signature was giving her away and insects were drawn to her like heat seeking missiles. How could she tackle them? Or make herself invisible. 

But unaware of her and she unaware of them, Arachnids were also having a busy night. And they were busy Feasting. Rains have always given spiders more than enough to eat and store. Protein rich insects in rains provide good nutrition for spiders to weave strong large webs, grow larger and reproduce more. 

She never took pains to clean the room of spider webs and spiders. And now, her good karma was paying her back.

 As she was seeing now, she was half as scared. Scary insects were ending up being caught in spider webs, eventually to be liquefied in spider drool.

 A lot of insects also ended up in mouths of lizards, which also she had not bothered to clear. 

What a grim fate for insects, she thought. All the better for her. She thanked herself for her foresight and wisdom. 

As she could see, room was now clear of scary insects.

She thanked her ugly friends and hit the hay soon, dozing off contently.

There was was a flash of sharp light. Maybe it was just a thunder.

Suddenly she woke up with the ear curdling loud sound.

Fu**! What was that? She thought.

Then she let out a loud shrieking sound. And that was her last.

Soon everything was silent in the dead of that dark night with clouds still coming down heavily mixing with some distant sound of bone breaking under pressure and flesh mixing with drool.

There are still stories doing rounds in the corridors of that girl's hostel.                                          


Friday, August 16, 2013

Puckerings of Naive’ Blogger

Puckerings of Naive’ Blogger

Yeah I am back....after a long make a “Dent in the Universe” again.

And no I am not possessed by a Steve Jobs ghost. Nor I am influenced highly by recent reading of his biography. These things don’t affect me to create a “Dent in the Universe” REALLY- pinkie finger swear, Shachi-muchi mein nahin.

To cut a long story short -- after I quit blogging my HUGELY POPULAR BLOG since falling prey to this big bad world of dripping sarcasm and scheming aliens with politicians; finally I have emerged victorious, kicking and hopefully wiser to numb your senses with my writings, quirks and smirks. 

And I promise to deliver you what is and has always been rightfully yours, which is --- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Also called as The ZILch, well known as SHUNYA  (Arrey, ye tuh Gita mey likha hai. To settle scores, find the Gita nearest to you and wrestle it out with her. Mainey tuh bash copy kiya hai.)

But actually long story is much more interesting. But(again) that is a matter for another post. 

Now read the next sentence after hyphen very carefully- Keep coming back to my blog for those updates on that story and MUCH MORE STUFF.

 Oh yes, here I have done it. The sub-conscious marketing wizard that I am, I HAVE MARKETED MY BLOG VERY Sub-liminally. I have programmed your unconscious mind to hook your sub-conscious mind to my blog so that your conscious mind keep coming back here. Much lessons from Ekta Kapoor.

Since you are now hooked onto my blog and you are going to bookmark it Or better still dedicate a tile to it on your browser,
 What it is gonna get me?

Answer no. 1- Creative expression. Or lack of it. But why do I need an audience for creative expression? Refer to answers 2, 3, and 4.

Answer no. 2- Your approval that I am good. The insecure and unsure in me.

Answer no. 3- Maybe to win my bread and butter by writing. And become JK Rowling rich in the process.

Answer no. 4- To become beyond famous. A legend in the league of greats. Ambition and testosterone.

Answer no. 5- To realise inner peace and know that none of the above matter. And all that quasi-spiritual underpinnings of mine.

The answer is mix of all these- in varying proportions and titrations. Titrate yourself to arrive at the correct mix.

So, basically here it is -- I am blogging. It will be good if some Intelligent and Interesting (OR  any one of the qualities) people read them and participate in discussion even if what I write is some crap and what we discuss and share is some useless stuff. I want you to Read it. Comment on it. Participate in it. Contribute with me. Help each other to grow and learn. May be some day we can bond over a few pints of beer (just few) too.

Reading me might not give me or you anything, but who knows. There may not be a grand scheme of things after all or there might be. Who knows? 

If you like something enough- share it, FB like it, tweet it, whatsapp it, whatever.

Do read my older posts.